7 Accelerators Backing Social Impact Startups

In today's business landscape, the narrative is shifting. It's not just about profit margins anymore; it's about purpose. Social impact startups, the heroes of this narrative, strive to address societal issues while building sustainable businesses. However, even heroes need allies. That's where accelerators come in.Here are seven accelerators that are rolling up their sleeves to support startups determined to make a genuine difference:

1. The Unreasonable Group

The Unreasonable Group is a community that believes in supporting audacious goals. They're geared towards backing entrepreneurs with a passion for addressing issues like poverty or environmental challenges. Their network is vast, and their commitment is unwavering.

2. Village Capital

Village Capital stands out with its unique approach. Instead of top-down decisions, they empower the entrepreneurs in their cohort to decide which startups get funded. Their focus? Sectors like health, education, and financial fairness.

3. Acumen

Acumen isn't your typical accelerator. They're deeply invested in discovering and nurturing startups aimed at elevating communities facing hardships. Their approach is hands-on, and their mission is clear: foster change.

4. Seedstars

Seedstars is about tapping into potential where it matters most. They concentrate on emerging markets, offering a blend of competitions, training, and mentorship to startups that can make a substantial difference.

5. Ashoka Changemakers

Ashoka Changemakers is a global network of innovators. They believe in the ripple effect: empowering one startup can lead to transformative societal change. Through competitions and resources, they're building bridges to a better future.

6. Echoing Green

Echoing Green is forward-thinking. They're in the business of identifying and supporting the next wave of social change innovators. With a mix of mentorship, funding, and community, they're fueling dreams.

7. Impact Hub

Impact Hub is more than just an accelerator; it's a global community. With locations in over 50 countries, they offer co-working spaces, programs, and events to support social entrepreneurs. Their focus is on collaboration, believing that together, we can drive change and make a lasting impact.

Wrapping Things Up

Startups today are thinking bigger than just business—they're aiming to make the world a bit better. And it's great to see accelerators out there supporting them every step of the way. At Zyna Studio, we're all about that. We love partnering with these startups to give their world-changing ideas a fresh, standout look.

About Zyna Studio: At Zyna, design drives purpose. We collaborate with startups that aim to make a difference, ensuring their purpose is amplified through compelling visual narratives. Because when design and mission align, magic happens.

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